Who we are

We are a Single-Family Office who has carried an entrepreneurial DNA since our founding. We  started with a hotel chain in Rio de Janeiro in 1917, since then we have developed the competence and ability to allocate capital with a long-term view.

Our permanent capital base allows us to seek excellent people and assets with whom we philosophically align with.

Continuous improvement, simplicity, ethics and long-term partnerships are the pillars of our success.

Foundation of Luxor Hotels in Rio
Luxor Agribusiness
Luxor becomes Brazil's second largest hotel chain
Real estate investments
Sale of Luxor Hotels and foundation of the Family Office
Portfolio diversification and New York Office

Financial Assets

We truly believe that an excellent capital allocation is key for value creation over time.

Through a careful analysis and a long-term vision, we invest in the stock market and global funds.

Venture Capital

We invest and support inspiring people who seek to solve the major problems facing the world. Through direct investments or venture capital funds both in Brazil and in the United States, we have developed a portfolio that works as a tool for transformation of the society.


We believe that Brazil has a competitive advantage in agribusiness that benefits good operators over time.

We invest and operate agribusiness assets in Brazil´s main agribusiness frontier in the state of Mato Grosso, pioneering on new cultures, processes, and technologies while contributing to the social and environmental development of the region.

Real Estate

We have developed a portfolio of real estate asset through partnerships with developers and brokers both in Brazil and in the United States, aiming capital preservation and income generation for the family.

We are constantly analyzing new opportunities and partnerships to recycle and optimize our portfolio.

Our Contribution

We seek outstanding people and projects with the capability to positively transform society, aligning conscious capitalism and high performance.

We support some non-profit organizations that count on passionate and inspired entrepreneurs. Our involvement has directly influenced many important agendas such as poverty reduction, environmental preservation and impact investments.


Groups only evolve when each member constantly seeks self-improvement. Nothing motivates a person more than overcoming oneself. With this mindset we have created an environment where individual development is highly encouraged.

We seek long term relationships with people aligned with our values and we strongly believe in a professional environment that match overcoming with cooperation.

Eduardo Grabowsky

Antonio Azevedo

Hélio Mesquita

Maurício Mesquita

Lucas Borges

Ivan Gravatá

Daniel Baeta

Salima Bayde

Thiago Estrella

Aline Loureiro

Daigo Fuchigami

Carolina Schnardorf

Isabela Venzon